YI is a fashion brand and a modern reflection of Chinese classics, possessed of Western & Eastern cultural features and exquisite craftsmanship. Stimulated by time-honored history and brilliant costume traditions of Chinese Song Dynasty, our designers group aims to excavate buried beauty and extensive profoundness of Song culture on a contemporary view. Song culture spirit, famous for its elegance, uprightness and conciseness, accords with YI aesthetics. Every masterpiece derives from artistic inspiration, each creation inherits exquisite craftsmanship, and each tailor emerges concise silhouette and consummate artistry. Each season, YI designers attend Première Vision to carefully select fabrics from leading fabric mills in Italy, France and China, YI takes participation in WHO’S NEXT at Paris and COTERIE at New York City and have been receiving great attentions from fashion buyers from all over the world. YI meets the demand towards a modern wardrobe: proposing clean silhouettes, subtle color palettes and innovative fabrics.

As a dynamic and promising fashion brand in the industry, YI has been enjoying a rapid expansion of retail network. Once launched, the marriage of modern fashion to the gem of Chinese culture has gained recognition among intellectual and elegant ladies, who luxuriate themselves in the world of better life quality and better oneself. Meanwhile, this preeminent performance and free platform has so far appealed to world-top-famous art school designers such as Royal College of Art, London College of Fashion, Academy of Art University, Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University, Central Academy of fine arts, and so forth. The international Creative Team keeps bringing sparks to YI from season to season.

YI not only stands for a cultural manner, an independent spirit and an enthusiastic craftsmanship, but also tells its distinctive lifestyle story. YI’s spectacular achievement is to be followed by its side-line lifestyle products development and specialty shops openings in the following years.